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Professor Higgins. German without accent!

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Professor Higgins. German without accent!
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HigginsDE_front_s«Professor Higgins. German without accent!» is a full phonetic and lexical multi-media reference training source, assigned for those (regardless of their initial level of knowledge) who want to learn to understand colloquial speech and speak grammatically, with good and distinct pronunciation (the variant Hochdeutsch, that is the norm of speech on the German radio and television).

The principal difference of this manual from the previous version is the objective estimation of pronunciation accuracy in marks in ten-point system, that allows at the most to discover and elliminate mistakes in pronunciation in the process of training. Also for the first time in the programme you can choose Russian or German interfaces.

The training is based on the comparison your own pronunciation with the sample not only orally, but also visually, by graphic on the screen of the monitor, that has become possible thanks to the original technologies of extraction and recognition of sound parts of word’s phonemes.

The programme is made up on the principle “from simple to difficult” (sounds, words, phrases, audio-training, dictation, tematic dialogues, proverbs, tongue-twisters, verses), has teoretical materials (rules, schemes, explaining examples), dictionary and manual of the user.

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