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ProgramsPr. Higgins. Preparing for the Centralized Testing in English

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Professor Higgins. Preparing for the Centralized Testing in English

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Professor Higgins. Preparing for the Centralized Testing in English
System requirements

If you are faced with the task of preparing to the Centralized Testing, the manual wil help you to solve this problem. The tasks of every part of this manual by themes, vollume and content are correlated with the tasks of Centralized Testing in English.

The authors of the manual  proceed with the fact that by the right usage of the manual you will be able to perfect the skils and knacks of knowing English language, which are checked in Centralized Testing.

The manual consists of 6 parts:

Part 1. Diagnostic test.

Part 2. Recommendations on doing  examination tasks of different type.

Part 3. Preparatory exercises.

Part 4. Training tasks.

Part 5. Final test.

Part 6. Reference material.

All the tasks of the manual are done in fixed time regime, which is recommended in the exam work.

All the tasks of the section “Auding” are recorded like they sound on the exam, that allows you to get used  beforehand to the regime of doing  the first section of the exam work “Auding”.

The sixth part of the manual “Reference source” will allow you to learn: how written and oral parts of CT (Centralized Testing) in English are hold; who and how checks your work;  how to fill in the Forms of answers correctly; how to appeal right, if you do not agree with the results of the exam and so on.


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